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Online Spending Tops $14 Billion – Food and Alcohol Tops

Posted on 17 April 2014 by admin

As time goes by, more and more Australian online shoppers are buying locally.   Almost 3 in every 4 online purchases are from domestic retailers with the biggest growth in purchases of groceries and alcohol online.

During 2013 Australians spent a record $14.3 billion – am uplift of 11.3 per cent over the previous year.

Online sales now represent 6.5 per cent of the nations overall spending.  This is up from 5.8 per cent in 2012.

The falling Australian dollar has had a big part to play in the rise of domestic online sale.

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Online Clothes Shopping is Growing Fast!

Posted on 30 July 2013 by admin

Research from secondary market research company yStats confirms the popularity of online clothes shopping worldwide, revealing over one third of all internet users made or intended to make a purchase in the last financial year.

The report, Global Clothing B2C E-Commerce Report 2013, analysed spending patterns across the major world markets including America, Europe and Asia Pacific.

In Australia, clothing was the second most purchased product category in B2C e-commerce, following electronics in 2012. It is expected to remain the fastest growing product category in online retail throughout the next five years.

In Japan, clothing has become the most popular product category for online shopping. In fact, several US retailers have commenced rolling out sites over the past two years.  Online clothing spend is also popular in South Korea, however single-digit growth figures in 2012 indicate the market is a mature one when it comes to the etail space.

In contrast, China has recorded booming growth rates with three quarters of the female population having purchased clothing online. It’s unsurprising major global brands such as Asos, Macy’s, Inditex and Levi Strauss are pushing to secure a foothold in the market.

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Alice McCall Spring Pre-Order

Posted on 29 July 2013 by Jessica Murray

Alice McCall has released her pre order Spring designs, which you can now purchase and will be shipped come early August. If you are a die hard fan, this is the best way to make sure you have your hands on the collection the moment it is released. You can sign up to most of your favourite designers for this option allowing you early access to their new collections. Yes please!

xo online shopping australia.



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NAB Online Retail Index 2013

Posted on 15 July 2013 by admin

NAB have released their annual online retail checklist that shows a massive growth in online sales 27% compared to a paltry 0.4% growth in traditional retail sales.   It’s not surprising that NSW is by far the largest state when it comes to purchasing online.  But perhaps what is surprising is that Queensland doesn’t lag far behind Victoria when it comes to online purchasing power.  In fact Victoria disappoints in the online shopping states and many online retail sources have expressed some surprise at the small percentage of sales that Victorians contribute.  It seems that a concentrated population with a strong traditional shopping cultures struggles to join the online rush.

The 35-45 year old age group continues to rule the online roost, which seems to indicate that purchasing power is the main driver for online sales – the same as it traditionally.



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Today’s Bargin: The Boyfriend Jean!

Posted on 09 July 2013 by Vittoria Delutiis

The current comfort trend, The Boyfriend Jean, can be worn in more ways than one. The very versatile street trend can be dressed up with a shieke stiletto & blazer or dressed down with a tee & a cute pair of converse. Denim is a staple in any girls wardrobe & the Boyfriend jean is a must have key trend for this season.

Check out todays bargin; “Only Boyfriend Jean with Rips” available online from ASOS for only $66.58AUD ! That’s a bargin you don’t want to miss. Happy Shopping!

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image4xl image1xl


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Posted on 09 July 2013 by Vittoria Delutiis

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One of our favourite brands here at Online Shopping defiantly has to be Nookie! There very on trend looks are sure to keep you “in the know” this Winter. With an outfit for every occasion, Nookie defiantly has our vote! Check out Dress Me‘s Nookie sale, with up to 70% off RRP im sure you won’t be disappointed!

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4th July Online Sale

Posted on 02 July 2013 by Vittoria Delutiis

Retro Me online store is Celebrating  USA’S  Independance Day by offering customers 30% off all USA Brands! Stocking brands such as WILDFOX, TOLANI, GYPSY05, NAVEN, FLUXUS, JENS PIRATE BOOTY, this is a sale you don’t want to miss! Sale starts 4th July (of course) and runs through to the 7th July. So start saving, you have two days….go!


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Australian online shopping market and digital insights

Posted on 01 July 2013 by Jessica Murray

In 2012, 9.6 million Australians aged over 15 years will make online shopping purchases, according to the latest research by PwC and Frost & Sullivan.

Over the next 12 months, 88% of online shoppers in Australia are expecting to maintain or increase their online expenditure, indicating that there is solid momentum in online shopping uptake. This continual rapid growth in Australia and offshore is driving structural changes in the traditional retail model.

What is driving the growth of online shopping?

The factors stimulating growth and usage include:

  • Greater variety/choice of goods
  • Consumers seeking greater value in their purchases
  • Rapidly increasingly usage of mobile devices
  • Continued strength of the Australian dollar
  • Increasing level of sophistication and comfort amongst consumers across all age groups
  • Use of social media by both consumers and retailers to drive brand awareness and
  • Proliferation of group buying sites.
Read further and download PDF files with more info here: http://www.pwc.com.au/onlineshopping/
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Online Beauty Buys

Posted on 28 June 2013 by Jessica Murray

It’s no secret you tend to find items online cheaper than RRP in stores. This doesn’t just apply to fashion, this can be for flights, music, movies and beauty often through the use of exclusive online promo codes. Places such as Cosmetics Now and SoHo Skin Care offer amazing discounts on a HUGE range of Beauty Buys from make-up, hair care, skin care and MORE. More money in your pocket it definitely the end result with both places offering fast shipping of bubble wrapped products for protection, and lets face it even if it’s some basic foundation we all get a kick out of a package arriving for us!

Check out the amazingly HUGE range on offer from these two great places:



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More than 50% of Aussies Now Shop Online

Posted on 20 June 2013 by admin

It’s official. The number of Australians who shop online has tipped over the 50 per cent mark for the first time.

After over a decade of consistent year-on-year growth, internet shopping finally reached mainstream status in the first quarter of 2013: for the first time, Australians who don’t buy something online in an average three month period are in the minority.

The figures, revealed as part of the Roy Morgan Research State of the Nation report earlier this month, has confirmed again that online retail is a growing force.

The report, compiled by conducting over 50,000 interviews a year, aims to examine how digital technologies are affecting consumers’ habits, attitudes and behaviours.

To be exact, the study found that, some 50.3 per cent of Australians had shopped online in the last three months, with the average internet shopper spending $285 online per four week period.

Travel, Entertainment & Leisure, Electronics, Fashion and Food & Beverages were listed as the top five categories by expenditure.

According to the latest consumer data from Roy Morgan Research, Australians (aged 14+) also spent $24.3 billion online in the 12 months to March 2013, an increase of 11.9 per cent from a year ago.

The report, which has a special focus on online retail, also indicated a 12 per cent growth in the sector overall in the past year.

So – where does this leave bricks-and-mortar retailers in the scale of things?

According to the study, as more and more products, brands and services become available to buy with the click of a mouse button (or tap on a screen), shoppers who bought online in the last three months are increasingly less likely to go to an actual store.

In total, 23 per cent of online shoppers go to stores less often now, compared to 10 per cent in 2003.

However, according to Roy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine the online retail beast does have an achilles heel.

“Despite the significant growth, security and trust are still unresolved issues for online retailing. Fifty-six per cent of all Australians do not feel comfortable giving their credit card details online, and even among those who have bought online in an average three month period, nearly two thirds say they only buy from retailers they know and one fifth only buy from Australian online retailers,” he said.

Will this be enough to even out the odds and give physical stores a fighting chance in the future?

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Statistics – Online shopping in Australia

Posted on 02 June 2013 by admin

> Findings show 59 per cent of adults went online to purchase a good or service in the six months to April 2011, compared to 53 per cent in the six months to November 2009.

> Businesses are increasing engagement with consumers via the internet: 59 per cent of Australian small to medium enterprises had taken orders online from consumers at April 2011.
> Approximately 62 per cent of internet users purchased a good or service online in the six months to April 2011.
> Internet users aged 35-44 years were more likely to have shopped online than any other age group (73 per cent).
> Those with higher incomes—$150,000 or more per annum—were more likely to have shopped online (86 per cent).
> Australians living in remote locations had a higher incidence of online shopping than those living in anywhere else—70 per cent of internet users in remote or very remote areas had purchased a good or service online in the six months to April 2011.

> Convenience and price were identified as the main reasons Australians shop online.
> A ‘lack of trust’, ‘no need’ and preferences to shop in-store were the main reasons people chose not to shop online.
> Online shopping was predominately conducted via computer, with mobile phone internet e-commerce largely used for banking and bill payment.
> Travel goods, tickets and accommodation were the most popular items purchased online, although there was some variation based on age and location of the purchaser.
> The majority of online shoppers continue to buy from Australian websites.
> The proportion of online shoppers accessing overseas websites increased from 19 per cent to 29 per cent during the period from November 2009 to Aprill 2011. This increase is likely due to an increase in the Australian dollar.
> Supporting local industries was the leading reason why people mainly shopped on Australian websites (30 per cent).

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